Small Business Advertising

17 Small Business Advertising Ideas

17 Small Business Advertising Ideas

Small business advertising –  17 Big Ideas. Starting out in business takes effective planning & good structure. Many small business owners do not follow-up-on or set a business plan / targets, regularly planning their advertisement methods, which leads to the downfall of a potentially good business.

You have the products or services, but it does not reach your target audience due to poorly structured advertisement and marketing methods! Bellow is a list of 17 highly effective business advertisement ideas for small businesses on a budget.

1.  Social Media

Update your social media with  updates relating to your business and business field. Also, sharing your latest work on-line via social media helps spread your business and help it to go viral. Social media can be a tedious job, if you find this the case then there are many tools on-line which can help you to update all your social accounts from only one place. Another idea is to hire someone to regularly keep-track of and update your social media.

2. Word of Mouth

Tell everybody you know about your business; friends, family, and associates. Ask them to spread your business details to those who they know. Why not also give them some of your business cards, and / or marketing material so that they can pass them on to those they know? This is a good start to advertise and spread the word of your business.

3. Small Business Business Cards & Stationary

Include all of your business contact details in your business card and stationary such as your business name, logo, phone number, email address, website url, social media urls, and business address. Business cards and leaflets are are the basic business stationary marketing materials. It is budget effective for any small business and very effective in passing your business details on.

4. Finding Potential Leads

Email and / or call potential leads and introduce your business to them. You can purchase targeted leads, or search them up in directories on-line and offline.

5.  Networking

Attending networking events targeted to your business, or general business events is a good way to network with others. Don’t forget to hand out your business cards and marketing materials also.

6.  On-line Press Releases & Newspapers

Submitting press releases and newspaper articles on-line about your business  can help spread the word of your business through the web. For example, if your business is hosting any fundraising events, or contests, then this news can be written up as a press release and submitted to targeted on-line magazines and on-line press releases targeted to your business. New up coming products, and your service deals can also be written up as press releases.

Free on-line press releases:

7.   web advertising

Listing your business on other websites is a good form of advertisement. This can be in the form of a website banner or text links. Usually websites charge for other businesses to list there services to there site. This could be added to your future marketing plan target . Try to search and find websites offering web advertisements in your budget.

Finding free and low cost directories on-line also helps to advertise your business and is an effective web advertisement method.

8.  Trade-shows

Hire a booth for your business at a trade show. Search for upcoming trade shows for your targeted business industry and book a booth.

A good site for searching for upcoming trade-shows worldwide is:

9.  Email Advertising

Emailing potential leads, and introducing your services is a good form of email marketing.

10.  Get Involved with Other Businesses

Get involved with other businesses you network with, and together you can help each other and host joint promotions, competitions, and events. Working with other businesses from time to time, helps you promote to a wider audience and keeps your costs low.

11.  Business Promotional Freebies

As well as giving out business stationary marketing material, you can also give out other freebies as a promotional method, from pens to calenders, to contest prizes. Try to remember to print your business details on your promotional items, and if that is too costly invest in some low cost but high quality stickers with your brand and business details to stick on your freebies.

Interested in low cost & high quality stickers for your business? At H A Graphic Designs we now offer a wide range of high quality sticker printing for your business promotion. Click here for more details:

12.  Vehicle for Promotion

From vans to cars, if you or your employees drive a vehicle then getting vehicle stickers or magnets for your van or car is a good marketing method.

13. Newsletter

Setting up a mailing list is a good form of business email marketing. Be careful to not spam your subscribers with numerous emails, but write effective, simple and up-to-date newsletters.

14. Visiting Businesses

Visiting businesses, companies, restaurants, and shops, and asking if you could speak to or book an appointment with the manager in the field you are in. For example an interior design business would ask to speak to or book an appointment with the manager or the one in charge of their businesses interior design department.

15. Hire Help

Hire people to hand out your promotional material for a small cost. To ensure those who you hire actually do hand out your marketing material, and not just drop them in the bin, let them know you will follow them up and call the local businesses who are on the list to have received the marketing materials e.g. leaflets, brochures. Try to hire someone who is trustworthy.

16.  Track Marketing Results

Write marketing plans. A simple marketing plan example is  a plan broken down month-by- month a the year, and write down what marketing methods you plan to use, and what you plan to achieve in each month, and by the end of the year(s).

17. Blog Small Business

Starting small business blog for your business. Update with your business news, as well as your business industry news, tips, and advice. Popular on-line blogging include wordpress and blogger.

Have other advertising ideas you have found successful? Let us know your thoughts.


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